#33 – Estate Law Essentials: The Happy Home Buyer

Estate Law Jeffrey Lynch Becky Erickson - The Happy Home Buyer Podcast Episode 33 Intent Mortgage

Are you old enough or rich enough to start thinking about Estate Planning? Jeff Lynch,¬†President of The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Lynch,¬†has the answers in this week’s lightning round and it might surprise home buyers!

“Estate Law Essentials” Show Notes:

– Panel Discussion on Interest Rates
– Lightning Round Question: Should I Call You If?

  • I’m buying my 5th rental home and holding title in my own name.
  • Bought my home, roof leaks like a sieve after first storm.
  • Selling my home, 3 days before close of escrow and buyer’s loan docs are not at Title.
  • Husband and I having 3rd kid, closing on a home.
  • I own real estate, but I’m not “wealthy”.

The Happy Home Buyer Hosts: Jeremy Lovett and Becky Erickson

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